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Every Situation is unique and thats exactly how we address your tax situation. There is no one size fits all when it comes to dealing with tax issues. There are many options that may be available that can help you decrease the amount of taxes you have to pay, give you more time or set up a payment schedule, granted you have to meet specific criteria to be eligible for these options. Our experienced tax advisors look at your specific situation and make recomendations based on the information you provide.

How does it work?

Simply request a Free Tax Evaluation and you will be contacted by an advisor that will listen and help you understand your options. Once a determination is made that you can infact benefit from the service of an experienced tax advisor you will be given an estimate of the service fees. No fee is charged for the initial consultation and you are under no obligation to participate.

IRS Liens and Wage Garnishments

IRS Levies are there way of getting your attention. When notices go unanswered they may use levies to seize your account balances, wages (garnishement of wages) or place liens on other assets. Once a levy is in place it can be a dificult process to have it removed. Its not impossible to have levies removed however its very stressful and can be time consuming. Our experienced advisors can get the ball rolling quickly and help with in the removal process granted you meet specific criteria.

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