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An offer in compromise allows you to settle your tax debt for less than the full amount you owe. It may be a legitimate option if you can't pay your full tax liability, or doing so creates a financial hardship. Eligibility requirements must be met. Want to know more?

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US Tax Debt Relief

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No fee is charged for the initial consultation and you are under no obligation to participate. If you choose to participate you can share the burden of resolving your tax problems with an experienced tax advisor that can help get you on the road to total tax resolution. Get help today!



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* is not affiliated with any government agency.Individual results will vary based on circumstances, including your ability to provide accurate information in a timely fashion. Resolution percentages exclude program fees. We do not guarantee that your tax debts will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage or that your tax debt will be paid off within a specific period of time. We do not assume tax debt, make monthly payments to creditors or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting or legal advice or credit repair services. Read and understand all program materials prior to enrollment, including potential adverse impact on credit rating.